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Focusun is one of the most professional ice plant manufacturers in China. After making thorough research on the global market demand and climate conditions in different areas, Focusun develops Marine used flake ice making machine in order to provide professional service for marine cooling operation on the boat.

Focusun seawater flake ice plant directly use seawater to produce flake ice, and the biggest difference between marine used flake ice making machine and land used flake ice maker are the material of the pipe and the design of the compressor.

In order to overcome the corrosion of sea water, marine used ice flake machine uses specialized material for the pipe. In addition, it adopts piston compressor with deepened oil tank in order to overcome violent shaking on vessel, and the marine used flake ice machinery can also keep working normally even if the vessel tilts 30 degrees on the sea.

Model Capacity Refrigerant Total running power Operating weight Dimension
-- kg/24h -- kw kg L×W×H(mm)
FIF-05WB 500 R404A 2.50 530 1100×700×630
FIF-08WB 800 R404A 3.67 560 1200×740×650
FIF-10WB 1000 R404A 4.30 620 1200×740×800
FIF-20WB 2000 R404A 7.15 680 1560×1200×960
FIF-30WB 3000 R404A 11.30 720 1700×900×1200
FIF-40WB 4000 R404A 14.94 780 1700×900×1201
FIF-50WB 5000 R404A 17.28 860 2200×1050×1550
FIF-60WB 6000 R404A 21.24 950 2200×1050×1606
Focusun marine used flake ice machine