Welcome to join in Focusun!

No matter of the difference of your age or position, you are all the precious treasures of Focusun. Our management is strict as well as democratic and open. We are ready to provide more suitable position for those who have outstanding performance.

You are going to face a job full of challenges and opportunities in our growing team. We wish you to keep possessing the following qualities:

Passion: Have the passion to challenge yourself and try the “impossible mission”.
Confidence: Have the confidence and energy, not afraid of break the conventions.
Responsibility: Be responsible and emphasize the result. Have the courage to shoulder the responsibility.
Care: Take care of yourself, your colleagues and friends as well as customers.

The members of Focusun Team embrace the spirit of perseverance, pursuit of excellence and never giving up. We hope you and all our people will develop together with Focusun.

We focus not only on attracting, but developing and retaining the best and brightest people. Because in the end, our people, people just like you, are the key to success.

How far do you want to go? And where do you want to take your career? Take it from us, your future may will be here in Focusun.